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Pergola Plans

Pergola by Ron Hazelton

Construct a Hurricane-resistant Pergola in Your Back Yard to Improve a Bare Corner and Add a Shaded Sitting Area

Dress up a plain corner of your backyard with a free-standing pergola that is visually appealing and offers a shaded sitting area as well. Make it large enough to accommodate lawn furniture or even a hot tub along with hanging flower baskets and climbing vines. Construct it according to building codes and make it stout enough to withstand hurricane winds!

Step 1: Check for Gas, Water, and Electric Lines before Locating Posts
Step 2: Align a Back Corner Stake with String and Triangle
Step 3: Tie Markers along the String to Mark Pergola Post Positions
Step 4: Mark Post Holes with Powdered Chalk and a Bottomless Bucket
Step 5: Dig Holes at Least 3-Feet Deep with a Posthole Digger
Step 6: Set Posts in the Holes and Ensure They Are Plumb
Step 7: Pour in Dry Concrete Mix and Add Water
Step 8: Attach Temporary Supports to Bear the Weight of Two Beams
Step 9: Drive in Carriage Bolts and Secure with Nuts and Washers
Step 10: Attach Cross Beams with Hurricane Clips

If you wish to build a pergolar with a pergola, help yourself to our free plans/blueprint below. Click here to download the PDF version of this pergola design.